19 March 2014

Yarn-y Goodness

Hi all!  Wow, what a crazy, crazy month March has been.  "In like a lion...", as they say.  Let's hope it really does go out like a lamb.  After all this busy-ness, I'd like the trip north to be nice and quiet.  LOL  I've got several little updates to share, but let's start with the yarn and the books, shall we?  Miss V has joined me on the air mattress to show you how my WIPs are going.  Above is Basic Sock #2 with its heel turned and the gusset on the way.  I made the mistake of trying to work the heel turn while the kids were still up one night - oh yes, every lady at knit night made the same comment you're probably all thinking, and yes, I have learned my lesson there!  I made several lovely *cough* mistakes and ended up with my SSKs all wonky and my stitch count off and totally crooked.  And here I was so proud I'd done the heel flap correctly.  (What's that adage about pride going before something?  LOL) 

One of the ladies from the shop looked it over and told me where I'd gone wrong, then I started tinking it back and couldn't even figure out how to take the stitches back off properly, so she ripped it back into the heel flap for me.  That, my friends, is exactly why I wanted to be into the heel turn before I left.  I knew I'd want some supervision on picking up the stitches for the gusset and really did end up needing that and more.  Luckily for me, we had two other appointments prior to knit night so Manly met me there nice and early - we got our other things done and had supper, then I had plenty of time to get help before the shop got busy for the night.  She got me rebooted (resocked?  reheeled? haha) and I got the heel flap finished back up and did the heel turn, checking in frequently with the experienced ladies there, and got my gusset picked up!  I was able to come home and do two rounds into the gusset decrease section.  *happy dance*

During and prior to the heel escapades, I worked more rounds on my Souk cowl.  It's coming along nicely - I love seeing the stripes appear!  This is my first foray into self-striping yarn that actually stripes properly.  (I used some to make a scarf on my knitting board a couple of years ago, but didn't know how it was supposed to stripe until after I made the thing.  I just thought it was variegated yarn.  Of course there wasn't any sort of proper gauge so it turned into a stripey flecky thing.  Er....okay then.)  This cowl is officially my "can't/shouldn't work on the other more involved project so I'll do a few rounds of this one" WIP.  It's a very simple pattern, really, now that I know how to do the woven stitch; it's just that each round is so many stitches that I only get a round or three done in a sitting. (Yes, I know you sweater and blanket people are snorting with laughter at that "so many stitches" comment! *chuckle* Don't worry - I'm not saying that in a whiny "so many stiiiiitches" way - more of a "understanding my hands' limits" way.  I'm enjoying the process and learning my boundaries with this one.) 

Oh yes - and as my sleepy assistant is demonstrating, I have worked my way through almost all of the Seaside Knitters books.  I will be starting the last one, Angora Alibi, today.  Perfect timing, actually.  They are all due Friday; Chatty and I dropped off the last few on our way home from knit night.  I'll read this one and then close down our library card when I return it.  I really enjoyed this series, though the running joke I've made when telling people about it is that if I lived in a small port town where several people I knew got murdered annually, I'd MOVE.  ;)  Definitely a good series though and I'll be keeping an eye out for more of them in the future.  They remind me of a blend of Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street books mixed with Maggie Sefton's Kelly Flynn series - I think I actually like these a bit more because of the lower levels of romance.  While relationships are formed in pretty much each book (and I am a little tired of hearing how Nell and Ben still find each other so "hot" after all these years LOL), I like it a little more than the pining away and angsty relationship stuff in the Sefton books.  The plots are still very socially relevant, but with less of a "major issue" (divorce, adoption, unwed mothers, widowhood) catalyst than Macomber's books.  It's been rare for me to peg the murderer early on in these books - I like that. 

Moving on ~

I wasn't going to indulge in any purchases at the shop yesterday - but much to my surprise, there were several new things that I decided to grab up before they were gone.  The main MUST HAVE was some Lorna's Laces yarn that was custom dyed for the shop.  It is called Texas Wildflowers and was beautifully displayed with a picture of the blue bonnets of Texas.  (They'll be printing copies of the photo for me and Chatty to take with us.)  Above is Chatty's worsted yarn - she's going to make herself a scarf; probably a skinny one she can wrap around or tie a couple of ways.  Also shown is a book that came in - The Prayer Shawl Journal & Guidebook.  They only ordered one copy, right at the edge of free shipping and with the thought that someone in the shop would "have to" have it.  I'm gonna call that kismet.  lol  It's an absolutely beautiful book that just begs to be perused and wondered at.  I've been eyeballing prayer shawl patterns here and there, but needed a little more to it than just a pattern and my own thoughts.  This book had me picking out shawls for certain people in my life just as I flipped through the descriptions and suggestions.  I think it will be a great read during the trip.  (And it will be the only "real" book I have on hand other than my Kindle, so I should be able to devote some special time to praying over and pondering it.)

Chatty's worsted yarn wasn't the only skein of Texas Wildflower yarn I grabbed.  I did get myself two skeins as well.  One of my goals for this year is to make a pair of mitts, so I picked up enough to make those mitts and a matching pair of socks.  The sample projects on the display table were a cabled mitt (of the sock weight) and an adorable cowl (in the worsted).  I was sorely tempted to grab myself some worsted to make the cowl as well, but figured I'd better stop while I was ahead.  Our road trip north will not include much stopping and shopping, but I do have one yarn shop I want to check out in Cheyenne, and I had mentally budgeted for a yarn purchase there as well.  But oh, oh, the SQUEE factor of this yarn is just...  oh my.  I'll have to get permission to share the photo from the display with you all in another post!

So - that's all the yarn and WIP talk.  A few quick updates on our move:  our refrigerator and chicken coop sold last week.  The chicken coop was delivered to the buyer yesterday and the fridge will go tomorrow.  The packers came in Wednesday and Thursday - it turned out it was a father/son team, which is why they needed two days to do the packing.  (I was originally confused by the three day event this was forecast for until I found out they were sending very small crews.)  The movers came by on Friday and loaded everything up. 

The appraiser came by on Friday morning as well.  It turned out that the delays on the appraisal had nothing to do with him and everything to do with a change in financing for the buyer - the appraisal was not ordered when we thought it was.  He was a very pleasant man and was in and out of here in a half hour.  We got word yesterday afternoon that his report was done and the appraisal was at the contract price, so everything was sent to the underwriters.  When we learned there would be a delay in the closing we changed our Lodging reservation at the base to a later date, so we've been camped out here in the house with the things we set aside for our cargo trailer and our air mattresses.  As usually happens with air mattresses when you don't want it to, ours appears to have a slow leak, so Manly and I woke up in the middle of Friday night with our bums on the floor and our feet up in the air.  I went ahead and just deflated the thing and we're sleeping on the floor.  LOL  We hope to be closed either Friday or Monday, but it should still be before we hit the road, which is all we'd hoped for.  (Well, that and the contract price being met.  Sending up many praises there!!!)

Well, I think I'll sign off here now.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit - y'all have a great day.  I'm linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On; Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along; and Tami at Tami's Amis for WIP Wednesday.  Swing on by and say hi to them while you're out and about in blog land!


Corrie B said...

Sounds busy! I can't wait to see Chatty's scarf :)

Melonie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Corrie! Yes, very busy. :) I think Chatty is almost done with a Christmas gift she's working on, so I foresee her casting on her wildflower scarf soon. I'll try to get some pictures of it! I'm sure she'd love to have it featured here.

knitinthesquare said...

Ugh, half deflated air mattress is not the best middle of the night surprise! This happened to us this past summer camping.

Lovely wool! I can't wait to see it knit up :)

Melonie said...

Oh no! So sorry it happened to you too, knitinthesquare! I hope you still had an awesome camping trip. :)

I need to pull up the pattern for the cable mitts that were on display - I think I like those very much with this yarn. I am sorely tempted to go back for more worsted for the cowl sample my friend at the shop did as well. LOL