05 March 2014

Projects, Library Pile & Updates

~ Current Read and WIPs ~

Hello everyone!  Semi-long time, no chat!  We had a busy weekend and beginning of the week.  I'm SO glad that today is a "home" day.  Manly took a four-day pass (one of two he was given for reenlisting last month).  Over the weekend we worked on things around the house and ran some errands.  We dropped off library books and I hit the new arrivals stacks and found a huge pile of good reads. (Photo further down.) I've already read two of them and I'm into my third book, Walden on Wheels.  I also checked out a couple of DVDs, one of which we watched Saturday night. (Vanishing of the Bees - it was very good.  I've been reading about CCD for a while now but hadn't actually watched this yet; the rest of my family hasn't really been tracking it.  It was a good learning experience for all of us.)

Monday we drove to Grapevine and hit the LEGOLand Discovery Center there.  We had an insanely happy Bubby that day.  He could barely get to sleep Sunday night.  LOL I'm really glad we made it a priority on the "must do before we leave" list.  I do wish their website was updated better - we got there under the impression that the cafe offered pizza and hot dogs and such; they've since switched to pre-sealed sandwiches and fruit cups which were a bit overpriced.  In the grand scheme of things they are probably healthier, but I paid $5.50 for a fairly small chicken salad sandwich and didn't feel it was worth it.  (And you can't leave to eat and go back in.  Hmm...)  The center itself was very cool and Bub was so excited he was skipping/bouncing from place to place.  I do have to say that the 4D movie was pretty cool - we saw the Kingdom Quest one and really liked it.  The LEGO cars for the Forest Ranger Pursuit were super cool.  I wanted one in my size.  ;)

We had supper at the Rainforest Cafe - I figured it was one last splurge before we head out.  A very long drive home and everybody crashed for the night.

Yesterday we had the inspector from the moving company do his walk through, then I picked Violet up from boarding at the vet's and did a few chores until knit night.

~ Basic Sock #2 ~

Knitting-wise: I worked on sock #2 quite a bit last week.  I'm ready to set up the heel now.  I was going to take it with me on the trip to LEGOLand but realized that I might not be able to concentrate very well on the road, so I left it home and took my Souk yarn with me instead.  I cast on the 160 stitches for the Double Woven Rib Stitch Cowl instead.

~ Double Woven Rib Stitch Cowl ~

I made a mistake on the stitch pattern and could feel it wasn't working quite right, so I just put it away until yesterday when I could look up how to do it properly.  At knit night I went ahead and pulled it all out and cast on again, rather than just tinking back.  I originally used a cable cast on, which I thought would save me the hassles of long tail cast on in an enclosed space, but found it was a bit tighter than I'd like with such a non-stretchy yarn.  I went ahead and switched to a long tail cast on, using the tail I'd pulled out, and ended up with a bunch of yarn leftover for the tail.  *sigh*  Ah well, at least it wasn't short and I didn't have to do it a THIRD time!  Getting to round two and seeing the color change was really neat.  I'm excited to see how it will work out as I do each round and I'm thrilled to know a new stitch pattern now too.

~ Luscious Library Pile! ~

So - there's my massive library pile.  :)  Not shown are the DVDs, which were Vanishing of the Bees, Queen of the Sun, and a dog training DVD from Linda Tellington.  Bub and I picked these up months ago but I never got around to watching them, so I checked them out again to view before we leave.

The top two books are the ones I already read (affiliate links): a photographic essay book called The Mormons: An Illustrated History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog: 98 Essential Tips and Techniques.  We aren't taking the Salt Lake route back up to Washington when we move, so I grabbed the LDS book to be able to see some of the sights again that I enjoyed so much on our drive to Texas.  The Cesar Millan book is wonderful - I definitely got a great deal more of the "how to" feel from this one versus his other books and I will be buying a copy for working with Miss Violet in the coming months. 

The other titles are:

So that's the pile... aren't you glad you asked?  LOL 

Well, I'm off.  Today is going to be a bunch of laundry and sorting the items that the packers can't take.  I was able to get confirmation on what can and can't go from the inspector - happily, they will take any canned food from the pantry that is still sealed, so that will make my life a little easier.  I'll also be going through the freezer and making a list of items to pass on to a lady at church who is a house parent for a big cottage full of kiddos.  Even though the movers will take canned goods, I'm sure the boys will end up with some good stuff too.  ;)

This week we'll be cleaning out the numerous plastic totes we have used for other things and I'll be packing all liquids, like the backstock of laundry detergent I built up on a good sale at Target, for us to load into the trailer.  This week will include a few things to do around the house, such as the touch-up paint on the spots where we took down decor items this weekend, and some vehicle maintenance for before the road trip. I hope to sit down and watch one of the library DVDs at some point today as well.  I've already found my top pick for our vet when we arrive and I'm close to deciding which CSA we'll join.  Manly got our application in with Housing so now we're just waiting to be assigned a unit and a move-in date.  We are now less than two weeks out from pack out, moving to Lodging, and closing on the house, and less than a month from driving out of Texas.  Good times!

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Kelly Ramstack said...

Ooo - that Adventures in Yarn Farming book sounds really good! I just added it to my "to read" list which is so long that I might actually get to reading it in about 5 years. LOL.

Leigh k said...

Going to have to check out a few of those books! Thanks for sharing. Yarn Farming has been on my list too! Happy Knitting ~ via Yarn Along

Melonie said...

Kelly - LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a "to read" list like that! :) I have a list in the back of my planner that I always forget to take to the library so it's always growing, never shrinking.

Leigh - I hope you find some you enjoy! Thanks for coming by to visit. :)

Christine N said...

If only I had the time for a reading list like that!

Melonie said...

Christine - We don't have cable and I watch about an hour of downloaded shows a week, so that gives me a lot more time to dedicate to reading. The packers are going to come take all of our stuff next week, so all I will have for entertainment is these books and what's on my Kindle (which I'm saving for the week of time on the road LOL). Normally I probably wouldn't check out this many books, or I'd check them out knowing I'd have to renew them. ;)

sustainablemum said...

That is a lot of books! I have been doing a lot of reading this week too!

Melonie said...

Sustainablemum - Thanks for stopping by! I'll have to head to your page and see what you're reading. :)

I finished Walden on Wheels yesterday; it was pretty good. I started Organize & Create Discipline thinking it would be something I'd just skim, but I'm actually enjoying reading it. Some of his comments and explanations for things are hilarious (not something one can usually say about an organizing book).